Pernille Koch Erichsen

Pernille Koch Erichsen is partner in a large European consultancy company called Implement Consulting Group, where she is leading a department called New Behaviour and Motivation In this service line all consultants work with projects that focuses on how to create both personal and business value in organizations through more meaningful conversations and more meaningful ways of working. Pernille often uses the MILO approach in her project – both on an individual basis and on a organizational basis. Pernille has been a pioneer within MI in leadership and organizations: she wrote a book “Aim for Motivation – MI in leadership” in 2013, several articles and has had the privilege to facilitate more workshops at the MINT forums (Fort Wayne, US 2012, Krakow, Poland  2013, Montreal, Canada 2016, New Orleans, US 2018). Pernille holds a MSc in Business Psychology and have been practicing MI since 2008 and have been a MINT member since 2011. Before studying Phycology at the University Pernille had an education as a Midwife and worked as such for 4 years.

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