Jennifer Frey

Jen Frey specializes in tailoring health, mental health, addiction, and education services to reduce barriers to care and promote healthy change. Throughout her 23-year career, Jen has been privileged to work with organizations in most parts of the US service system. Her experiences as a practitioner, colleague, supervisor and director inform her approach to training, consulting, and implementing Motivational Interviewing.

Jen has been a member of MINT since 1998 and served as a Trainer Support for the 2018 International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers Training for New Trainers (MINT TNT). She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. She is licensed to practice psychology in Connecticut and Washington, D.C. Currently, Jen spends most of her time providing consultation, training, skills coaching and feedback to support implementation of MI and other evidence-based practices.

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