Its more than a game: The potential and limitations for MI in elite sport

by Jeff Breckon

24th of September at 16 pm (about 2-3 hours).

In TTK University of Applied Sciences (Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool), room 022.

We are waiting trainers, coaches, mentors, psychologists who are motivating and supporting athletes.

Seminar is in English.

Free of charge, but you need to register (limited seats) HERE.


A growing area of MI application and adaptation is the world of sport. Much like other helping contexts, those who work with athletes engage in conversations about change that serve to enhance their health, wellbeing, and ultimately performance. This seminar will explore collective ideas and experience on how to apply MI in the context of elite sport, as well as how to integrate MI with other therapies for the sake of helping athletes grow. This interactive session will also include demonstrations, practice exercises, as well as invitations for the audience to offer their own ideas on working with athletes.

Additional information: Raili Juurikas (; 58119838)

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