Fiona McMaster_väiksem

Dr Fiona McMaster is a behavioural scientist from Innovia Technology, an Innovation Consultancy in Cambridge, UK. During her career, she has focused on motivational interviewing for behaviour change, completing a PhD in Public Health that examined MI in cross-cultural clincial contexts. In addition to research projects that seek to better understand the use of MI, Fiona is a trainer and practitioner of MI in health and organisational contexts. She has trained health and social care practitioners in China, Singapore, Nigeria, the US, Jordan and the UK. Prior to working at Innovia, Fiona was the course director of a MSc in Public Health, where she trained students in MI, and used this approach as a way empower BSc, MSc and PhD students. In her current role as a consultant, Dr McMaster works with international companies to better understand human behaviour in a more empathic and autonomy-supportive way.

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